How to Buy


Most fruit sellers in the North Island have access to our fruit in season. If they are not currently selling Diana's Peacharines and Plums —ask them to!

Our fruit is NOT available by mail order - we simply cannot guarantee good courier handling.


Fruit in quantity (e.g. for bottling), is also available —ask your retailer for a box of seconds.  They may be ugly,  but they taste just as good.


Orchard gate fruit (minimum quantity 10kg) is available Monday to Wednesday before 2pm.

Please ring beforehand


Too far for a day trip?  Why not make it a wonderful autumn excursion and book a night at The Green Trout... the scenery is absolutely stunning. They even have a preserving pan for your bottling and jam making - return home with your jars full!


Any supermarket,  greengrocer

or specialist


fruit seller


Available exclusively through MG Marketing


Contact your local branch for details.


Diana's still exploring export options.


Contact Diana

for more information